Hiiii, I am Blanca!!! I am one of the Smile Specialists here at Omid Dental. I LOVE what I do and enjoy working here at Omid Dental so much!!! This office is very advanced, with the latest technology, and it is fun, young and always improving. I have been in the field for over 7 years and find that I have been the happiest growing with Omid Dental. Come join our Dental Family and let me see how we can help you smile proud!!!


Hey Everyone!!! My name is Cindy!!! I have been working with Omid Dental now for over 3 years and I love it!!! I have been able to grow so much working in the dental field and enjoy changing people’s lives by changing the way they smile!! As the Back Office Manager, I am able to share my experience with our team and patients to make sure the best care is always on our mind and efforts!! We have an incredible team and look forward to having you join our Dental Family and see the difference!!!


Hi Im Celena!!! I have been in the Dental Field for over 5 years and I am one of the lead assistants here at Omid Dental!! I love working as a dental assistant and seeing people regain confidence in their smiles and life!!! I think a smile is the most important thing we can wear, and here at Omid Dental, your beautiful new smile is our main goal!!!


Hi, I am Isabel. I am a Smile Specialist here at Omid Dental and will be greeting you when you join our Dental Family!! I have been in the dental field for over 4 years and so happy to share my new dental home with my family and friends. We here at Omid Dental love what we do and share that with our patients!!! We look forward to meeting you and sharing our smiles with yours!!!


Hey!!! My name is Martin!!! I have been with Omid Dental now for 1 year and it has been an amazing first year!! Our doctor is young and experienced, which makes everyday interesting and fun!!! I have learned so much in just one year and believe this office to be the best in South Gate!! Come check us out and see why we are growing towards #1.


Hi, my name is Edwin and welcome to Omid Dental Family!!! I am one of the dental assistants you will be working with here at Omid Dental!! I have studied cosmetology and dental assisting and look forward to bringing the two amazing careers together. My goal is to help you feel and look your best and welcome you to join our Dental Family and see why we are considered among the best in South Gate!!!