Dental braces are used to straighten or move teeth into different positions. In most cases, this is to improve how the teeth look overall within the mouth, although in some cases, it can be for medical reasons. If teeth are in the wrong position, chewing might be difficult, leading to malnutrition, for example. 

You can get braces nearby Lynwood, CA at Omid Dental if you are local. Braces also ensure the long-term health of your teeth. Not only are those who have had braces more likely to take care of their teeth by brushing, flossing, and having regular checkups with their dentist, but by having braces, you can make sure your biting pressure is spread more evenly, reducing wear and the potential for teeth to break. 

The Process Of Getting Braces in Lynwood CA

Once braces are installed, the teeth are very gradually moved into the right place. Gentle pressure is put on the teeth, which has the effect of changing the shape of the jawbone, allowing the roots of the teeth to move too. 

 Once, it used to be mainly children who would receive dental treatment for braces in Lynwood CA. However, today it is a mix of adults and children. As long as the teeth are all through (in the case of children) and healthy, braces Lynwood CA should be possible to install. 

 The first step when it comes to the process of getting braces in Lynwood CA is to speak to your dentist and have a consultation. After this, a design can be planned out that will give you the best chance of having straighter, less crowded teeth. Sometimes, before the braces can be put on, some teeth may have to be removed. At the design stage, a mold will be taken of your mouth. It is this mold that will help to design the braces. Everyone has a different mouth, different placement of teeth, some have an underbite, some have an overbite, some have gaps, and so on. This is why the mold is so essential. There are no ‘off the shelf’ treatments for braces in Lynwood CA, so each must be designed individually. 

 Once the mold has been taken, a mockup of the braces will be made. This is what the dentist will use when they place the braces. To do this, they will need to condition the surface of the teeth and then add the bracket for the brace. These will be adhered with cement. Once the brackets are in place, the wires will be threaded through. 

 In effect, this is the end of the braces’ placement. However, the patient will need to regularly return to the dentist – usually once every four to six weeks – to tighten the wire. This is done gradually, over the course of a number of months or years (the average is two years) so that there is no damage done to the teeth as they are moved. 


Reasons To Have Braces Lynwood CA

Apart from the most obvious and the most common reason why someone would choose to have braces (for cosmetic reasons), there are several others. These include:

  • Having crooked or overcrowded teeth 
  • Having too few teeth resulting in large gaps between them 
  • Having an overjet (when your upper front teeth stick out)
  • Having an overbite or underbite 
  • Making your teeth easier to clean and therefore take care of 
  • Making biting and chewing easier 

 If you feel that you would benefit from braces in Lynwood CA it is best to speak to your dentist for advice and to start the process. 

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