Your smile is far more than just an expression, your smile reflects the physical health of your teeth and gums. Orthodontics, such as Invisalign, can give you the beautiful straight teeth you’ve always wanted and a proper bite that will help you chew food better, smile more often, and maintain your oral health and overall health. Omid Dental Office, with its specialists in Orthodontics (Braces) offer various types of braces for children, teens and adults, including clear and invisible braces. Omid Dental provides several hassle-free payment plans to make braces more accessible to you and your family.

How much do braces cost?

Do you think you can’t afford braces? Well think again! Omid Dental Office offers affordable and low cost braces for children, teens and adults of South Gate, Downey, Lynwood and other neighboring cities. The cost of braces (Orthodontics) varies on several different factors.

  • Length of Treatment
  • Orthodontic Appliances
  • Additional treatment and Possible Surgical Treatments May Change the Cost!!!

Braces financing and payment plans

Omid Dental Office offers many ways to pay for braces through different payment plans, financing options and our very own Omid Dental Discount Plan to make treatment affordable and easy. Our payment plans allow you to pay for your treatment on a weekly or monthly basis, as do our financing options. Remember, we also offer these payment plans at 0% Interest to you!!! Omid Dental also accepts all major credit cards.

Can you pay for braces using insurance?

Yes! It is certainly possible to use your insurance to pay for braces; our team will just have to verify if your plan includes “Orthodontic Coverage”. Many dental insurances plan cover a portion of your treatment costs and some even cover the full cost!! If your plan does not cover “Orthodontic Coverage”, it is possible to purchase an orthodontic plan with your insurance carrier. Contact your insurance for benefit details specific to your plan.

Does DentiCal (Medi-cal) pay for braces?

It is possible that Medicaid may cover a portion of the cost of braces for children under the age of 21 if the treatment is considered “medically necessary”. Unfortunately, orthodontic treatment for only cosmetic purposes is not covered by Medicaid for children or adults at this time. A 100% Free consultation is the first step to help you determine whether the braces will or will not be covered for you or your child.

If you have any questions about orthodontics, feel free to contact us today at (323) 569-5000. We would be happy to answer your questions