Omid Dental is proud to offer the highest quality dental implants for our patients. Dental implants are comparable to roots and are placed in a patients’ bone. This procedure can be done awake or while you sleep. Our Oral MaxioFacial Surgeon (OMFS) and Periodontist have placed thousands of implants for patients and are experts in dental implants!!!

Dental implants improve a patient’s smile and increase their self esteem. More importantly, dental implants improve a patients oral health and their overall health as a result. Many people find it easier to eat with dental implants because they don’t move and don’t come out, like dentures or partials. We here at Omid Dental have also guided patients to improve speech with the proper implants and implant crowns.

When an implant is placed correctly, and with proper routine care, dental implants can and should last a patient’s WHOLE LIFE. If you have implants and want a FREE 2nd opinion, we would love to offer you free exams and radiographs (x-rays) to see the health of your implants.