Your smile is far more than just an expression, your smile reflects the physical health of your teeth and gums. Orthodontics, such as Invisalign, can give you the beautiful straight teeth you’ve always wanted and a proper bite that will help you chew food better, smile more often, and maintain your oral health and overall health. Omid Dental Office, with its specialists in Orthodontics (Braces) in South Gate offer various types of braces for children, teens and adults, including clear and invisible braces. Omid Dental provides several hassle-free payment plans to make braces more accessible to you and your family.

Night Guards

It can be beneficial to use a night guard, or covering, to protect your teeth from grinding while sleeping. Similar to how a mouth guard protects teeth during sports, this layer prevents damage to the teeth that can occur naturally.

night guards south gate
sedation dentistry south gate

TMJ Treatment

If you have TMJ, it probably started with pain and discomfort in your jaw joint and the muscles used to move your jaw. Pain and discomfort do not always signal a problem and usually go away on their own.

However, if you are having headaches, trouble chewing, and pain in the face, jaw, and ear, you may be experiencing symptoms of TMJ. Some people complain about an uncomfortable bite. Some even feel dizzy or a pain in their neck.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The wisdom teeth are the last molars to erupt, usually between 18 and 22. Most people are born with four additional molars: two above the gum line and two below. Because the rest of your teeth are perfectly positioned in your mouth by this age, this can cause serious dental difficulties. We recommend getting your wisdom teeth extracted as soon as they become visible at Omid Dental in South Gate, California. This will assist you in avoiding a variety of dental issues in the future. Don’t put off your wisdom teeth removal procedure any longer!

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