Sedation Dentistry

The most common type of anesthesia used is a local anesthesia. This prevents pain in a specific part of a patient’s mouth. This works by blocking the nerves to that area. We often use a topical anesthesia before using local anesthesia. This helps to numb the area before we inject the local anesthesia. This is most often used for cavities.

Gum Disease Treatment

Gums are the tissue that surround and support your teeth. Gum disease is when this tissue becomes infected and is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. Plaque is the primary cause of gum disease, which is also called periodontal disease. Plaque (the bacteria on teeth) is constantly forming, so regular gum disease treatment is important to preventing buildup that affects the gums.

emergency dentist south gate

Emergency Dentistry

Are you in severe pain caused by a tooth or other dental issue? Contact Omid Dental and get immediate help from our emergency dentistry services. Our USC Trained Dentists in South Gate are ready to help you and are just one phone call away!


Perio Treatment

The cleaning of calculus, also known as tartar, is a major component of treating periodontal disease. Here at Omid Dental we understand to improve the success of your smile, changes in a patient’s behavior and diet are just as important. We teach you how to maintain proper hygiene habits and diet to ensure you are successful in what you are trying to accomplish. A Healthy and Beautiful Smile!!


Root Canals

Looking for Root Canals in South Gate? Root canals are a very common dental procedure that are caused when a bacterial infection gets below the surface of a tooth. They are very common among adults. Root canals are used to save the tooth from being extracted and to stop the infection before it spreads throughout the body.

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