The idea of getting a tooth removed can be scary. However, there may be some circumstances where a tooth extraction cannot be avoided. Here at Omid Dental, your smile is our number one priority, and we want the residents of South Gate, California, to know that in our office, we consider teeth extractions as the last option. We take the health and longevity of your smile seriously.

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We want to do everything possible to save a tooth, but there are three main occurrences when a tooth extraction could be necessary:

  • Dental trauma
  • Tooth disease and decay 
  • Crowding

Any injury to a tooth that cannot be repaired, such as nerve problems, inflammation of tissues, and annoyance with your tongue, is considered dental trauma and the tooth should be removed to allow for proper healing. If a tooth is decayed and beyond repair, it should be pulled. If a tooth is causing your mouth to be too crowded and proper alignment is not possible, the tooth should be pulled.


There are other rare occurrences where a tooth should be extracted, but these are the most common. 




There are two types of teeth extractions: simple and surgical. A simple extraction is done when the tooth that needs to be removed is visible and easily accessible, and a surgical procedure is done when the tooth is below the gumline. 


A simple extraction is quick, easy, and essentially painless, as anesthesia is applied. The dentist will loosen the tooth using a dental instrument called the elevator, and then the tooth will be removed using an instrument called the forceps. 


A surgical procedure is a bit more complicated. First, the mouth will be numbed to avoid any pain. The tooth that is beneath the surface will also need to be loosened to remove the entire root. The dentist will cut open the gum, exposing the tooth, and enlarge the socket so the tooth can more easily be removed. Once the tooth has been removed, the gum will then be sewn shut.


In more significant surgeries, such as wisdom tooth removal, the process is more complicated and can require cutting open the bone. See our wisdom teeth removal page for more information.


No matter the reason for a tooth extraction, we at Omid Dental want to assure you that you’re in good hands. Our dentists are expertly trained with the highest qualifications. If you are in the South Gate area, please reach out to us. We want to help you gain your healthiest smile.

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